The Schrader Group – whose motto is - more green for nature -


  • a more than 100 year old and European-wide-operating tree nursery producing forest and shrub plants on more than 150 hectares

  • a garden and commercial landscaping construction division which not only specializes in improving better greening roadsides, waterways and motorways with vegetation but also in creating concepts for airports/airfields, industrial parks and commercial lots. Further, we plant or construct execute compensational areas in accordance to international law.

  • an innovative projects division where we create and execute projects with the aim of mixing environmental protection with  investment return. Our project “Tropenwald_1”, for instance, has afforested 5000 hectares of rainforest in Malaysia and our current focus lies in fast growing plantations (commodity or resource plantations) for renewable energy.


Challenge us! You are always welcome at our enterprises to get an overview of our wide array of products and services.

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