Since our founding in 1901 we have been dedicated to delivering a high quality service along with high quality products. That’s the reason why Klaus Koether founded a landscape construction  company in Ingolstadt in 1964.

The company received its first boost through winning the contract for the creation of the Rowing course in Oberschleissheim in 1972 for the Olympic Games in Munich of that year.

This was the first challenge for us and proved that we are capable of combining excellent service with the delivery of excellent produce under enormous time pressure.
The outcome was completion on  time and an exact replication of the architect’s vision in plants.

After the success of the branch in Ingolstadt a branch office was opened in Königheim-Brehmen, due to the schemes being undertaken in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

After Germany’s reunification in 1989 we saw a great opportunity to expand into the former East Germany and founded our branch in Saxony which provided our excellent service in that area as well.

Our most prominent projects of the 1990s included

  • the complete planting package for the Rhein-Main-Donau-Channel
  • the planting of Munich’s Franz-Joseph-Strauss international airport
  • the greening of the city of Leipzig
  • and the greening of the coal power plant in Schkopau and proved that we were up to challenge of contracting large scale projects even then.

Since then, our diversity of services has substantially increased and our contacts with the scientific world have allowed us repeatedly to achieve innovation in working with plants. Both from the technical as well as the production aspects in the context of plants.
Our objective in the future consists primarily of unifying the economic requirements with the ecological aspects of forestry and the plants involved therein.
Together with you we have the dedication and the expertise to achieve that objective.

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