Put in context to the age some trees can achieve our history of over a hundred years of business is merely a blink of an eye; yet 100 years of experience is what makes us distinct for our business partners.

The reason for the existence of tree nurseries remains unchanged since 1231 A. D. when the growing and raising of cultures artificially was first mentioned in the “Sachsenspiegel”. This reason is the basic conclusion of mankind, that to be able to continue to harvest goods from the forest, new cultures have to be given back to the earth.

The Schrader Tree Nursery was founded by Rudolf Schrader in 1901 and since then has been a family-run business.

Today, the four generation-old  business is owned by the brothers Ralf Koether and Bernd Schrader and is led successfully by Harald Jess, the company’s CEO.

The Headquarters and  the largest production area of this worldwide - operating Schrader Group is in Kölln-Reisiek, Germany.

The district of Pinneberg is the world’s biggest one-location growing area due to its geographic qualities, it being located between the North- and Baltic Seas. Furthermore, its very rich soil – sometimes with up to 70cm of humus - contributes to the magnificent growing conditions.

These facts have led to a high concentration of tree nurseries in the area over the past 200 years and offer the Schrader Group a tremendous geographic advantage.

The Schrader Group’s production of plants is spread over three locations in Germany and consists of an area of almost 200 hectares.

With our annual production of about 100 million plants we underscore our company’s reputation that we are not a retailer of plants, but actually grow them ourselves.

Beside the production which is focused on the German market, our plants are also distributed to over 14 countries throughout Europe where one of our primary success stories is the sale of Norway Spruce to Sweden for more than 40 years.

By this means every part of the Schrader Group aims to contribute to healthy and sustainable forests for our future generations.

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